Enlace International



Enlace International conducts iterative trips throughout the Western Hampshire meeting with local farmers, designers, artisans, digital teams, banks, mobile providers, universities, and local and federal governments to determine what the obstacles to delivering social benefits and improving environmental conditions are as they relate to the economy as a whole. Quarterly we test new models and interventions in the field.  

We take an agile approach that supports the community's economic traditions and heritage.  Enlace International focuses on creating sustainable environments that leverage digital ecosystems that support organic growth through re-egeneering the way networks connects and interact.  

Our business model thrives on partnerships to collaborate, connect, and innovate solutions that focus on:

  • Nuanced taxation;
  • Equitable formalization of small and medium textile producers;
  • Domestic focused income growth for citizen security and economic prosperity;
  • Digital mapping; and
  • Environmental sustainability.

Our core team is located in Washington, DC, NYC, Guatemala, and Peru.


Patricia Inga Falcon, Ph.D.

Peruvian Researcher, Strategist

Location: Peru

Delfina Par

Relationship Manager and Innovator for our partner cooperative Casa Flor Ixcaco

Location: Guatemala

Major General Paul Weaver

Investor, Government Affairs

Location: Washington, DC

Carlos Andre Grover, J.D.

Rule of Law

Location: Washington, DC

Alana Marsili, Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Alana Marsili, Founder and Chief Operating Officer.