Enlace International


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Micro focus for Macro Change


Nature and networks are the core of our business philosophy. 

Enlace International develops collaborative partnerships and leverages big data to recalibrate global economic systems. Using modern information technology, we discover common points of value and predict economic behavior across supply and demand chains, from local farmers, to designers, weavers, digital teams, banks, telecom companies, mobile providers, universities and local and and federal governments. By spooling our collective insights into actionable algorithms, Enlace International spotlights and drives grassroots opportunities in emerging markets to pivot global industries toward more inclusive, equitable and sustainable practices throughout the Western Hemisphere. 

Find our core team in Washington, D.C., NYC, Guatemala and Peru.


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Alana Marsili

Location: Washington, DC

Major General Paul Weaver

Investor, Government Affairs
Location: Washington, DC

Patricia Inga Falcon, Ph.D.

Peruvian Researcher, Strategist
Location: Peru

Delfina Par

Relationship Manager and Innovator for our partner cooperative Casa Flor Ixcaco
Location: Guatemala

Michael Silver Liu

Strategist, Fashion & Development

Location: NYC

Carlos André Galante Grover

Strategy and Policy
Location: Washington, DC